Danielle Noel first began her career as a visual arts teacher and graphic designer. In 2007, she founded her own freelance company which evolved into 'Starseed Designs' in 2012 - a platform for her indie oracles and soul-fueled art.  

Most of Danielle's creations are thematically based in ancient lore and mysticism, through the intersection of the Divine Feminine. Danielle's own intuitive work began at a young age, as her sensitivity to energy and spirit awakened her to study various spiritual philosophies and Energy Medicine practices. This journey continues to support and inspire her each day, whether she is designing collages on her computer screen, or painting portraits with oils.

Danielle's passion for giving back and creating art has always been her main driving force, and through her desire to weave spirit with artistry, she finally designed her first oracle in 2012, which then became 'The Starchild Tarot', a galactic-infused Tarot devoted to Starseeds, seekers, and sacred symbology. It was the deck she had always dreamed of, and a personal wellness tool, in the beginning. Since the Starchild first launched, Danielle has found her own creative niche and continues to build helpful outlets and oracles for other readers and mystics.

Danielle has since freelanced on various illustration jobs and recently had her first book published, entitled, 'The Book of Tarot - a Guide for Modern Mystics', through Penguin Random House and Andrews Mcmeel. She is also the artist for Rebecca Campbell's 'Work your Light Oracle', Published through Hay House UK, as well as 'The Book of Unicorns', written by Joules Taylor, published through Clarkson Potter books, and Penguin Random House. 

Danielle's work has also been published elsewhere internationally by Ebury, Wydawnicto Illuminatio, and has been seen in publications such as, Nylon, Bust, Elle Decor, The Numinous, Juxtapoz, The Hoodwitch, Holistic Fashionista, The Bohemian Collective, and NY Yoga + Life magazine, and found in Anthropolgie and Urban Outfitters.

Danielle is currently working on a new series of oracles, paintings, and a future  graphic novel. She resides on Gabriola island off the west coast of British Columbia with her partner, Sterling, their two dogs, Loki and Maela, and a ginger cat named Orion.