Temple of Isis

Deir el Shelwit

So grateful to have had the opportunity to walk upon this sacred landscape. Deir el Shelwit is an ancient temple to Isis from the Greco-Roman period. The inscriptions and motifs of this energetic space mirror the rich beauty of Dendera and Philae - with devotional markings to the Goddess seen throughout. The energy here was palpable and warm, and flowed though us as we explored the hidden chambers. My dear friend Rebecca and I found an overhead light beam which illuminated us from our crowns - it was truly remarkable to feel this meditative space open up around us, and for a brief moment, we were shown a window into another time and space. The walls were imbued with eons of whispers, and I could envision the prayers and sacred smoke permeating throughout the surrounding rooms. This was a highlight of this trip. XOXo