Original Mystic Portrait by Danielle Noel

Original Mystic Portrait by Danielle Noel


Dearest Seeker,

I am so pleased to connect with you on this sacred journey. Each Mystic portrait is a specialized piece or art that it catered to you, refined into a soulful image that is 100% one-of-a-kind. As you are a unique light with your very own qualities, dreams, and sparks of the imagination, your portrait will be a celebration of the beauty and essence that is you. It is my hope that when you look back on your image in years to come, you will see the visceral magic of your life and story, reflecting through this special tribute. 

As spaces are limited, I can only accept a set number of portraits each month. Once your transaction is processed, I will contact you with your welcome questionnaire and printing date. To create your piece, I will need a photo of you, to transform into the artwork - this can range from a simple selfie to a higher resolution-photograph. Whatever you are comfortable with. The information for this process will also be emailed to you in your welcome package. 

Depending on scheduling, an image may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete, not including your shipping time, but may be sooner. 

The cost of this art piece includes the shipping of your print, the printing costs, and the time and love that I put into creating your portrait. 

If you would like additional signed print copies, these can be supplied at 30$ USD each. Please feel free to email: orders@starchildtarot.com to add as many as you require. 

I am so looking forward to working with you throughout this adventure, and cannot wait to see what deeper connections we will make together. 

All my best and much love,



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