Philae, the Temple of Isis


This warm and inviting temple is one of the last locations where the Goddess was worshipped by the cult of Isis and exists as a beautiful, devotional space. The energy here was pure magic and extremely powerful. It felt as though the sisterhood who once preserved its legacy were still here in the present, overseeing the souls who would journey in and out over the centuries. I could feel the echo of their voices and footsteps moving throughout the chambers and rooms, where gatherings and prayer would take place. Being here shook me to the core, and I found my eyes and heart opening up to other timelines.

The whole complex was moved from its original location on Philae Island, to its new housing after the flooding of Lake Nasser. Water frames the entire complex, which creates the most beautiful refection with the overhead sky. It is lush with turquoise, blues, and sandstone shades. This is truly my version of Heaven. Within the temple we see many dedications to Horus, son of Isis, and Osiris, as beautifully preserved inscriptions that trace the pillars of the courtyard. At the heart of the complex, we find two large granite shrine blocks, which originally housed a gold statue of Isis. Can you imagine?! A strong feminine energy holds this space with loving arms, and it was one of the most treasured experiences I had during my time in Egypt. Traces of Hathor also decorate various areas surrounding the east side of the second pylon, so I felt giddy with excitement at the thought of the collective energy and history of women who walked its land. I was humbled and quiet the entire time I explored. I dream of going back, and know in my heart, that I one day will.