The temple of Hathor



During my visit to Egypt, I was fully charged when we arrived at the temple of Hathor. This was one of my most anticipated spaces, and nothing on earth could have really prepared me for the world of this sacred portal. After seeing images of Hathor’s mysterious, celestial face for so many years, finding her in the flesh - carved within these massive pillars of lapis and cobalt - was shocking; in the most surreal, heart-wrenching, beautiful way. She is extremely tall, and as an interdimensional being who hails from another time and place, she looks directly into you from a height of divine bliss and wisdom. There is a warm radiance that also emanates from her form, despite the fact that most of her expressions have been removed or defaced throughout the temple. She still stands strong and bold at every turn.

Hathor is a Goddess who personified the principles of love, beauty, motherhood and joy, and was known as "the Great One of Many Names". It is thought that her worship was widespread even in the Predynastic period because she appears as one of the first deities of Egypt, as a possible extension of Bat, the cow-headed Goddess who was known to exist before the great pantheon of Gods arrived. .

I have always felt her presence to be very Ancient, as she may have also marked an earlier age of matriarchy, when the symbol of the bull was seen throughout various cultures as representing an era of a Divine Feminine presence that once ruled, with love. 💗

When I see Hathor, I feel nostalgic, and I’m also reminded of another time - one that feels safe, warm, and very peaceful. I also felt this strongly at this temple home, and I did not want to leave. Not one bit.

The temple of Hatshepsut


Deir El Bahri

So grateful to have received the sacred activations and blessings of this temple. My heart is full. Rich with traces of the Goddess Hathor, Hatshepsut built this Djeser Djeser (holy of holiest) as a powerful monument to her standing as a great leader and ruling Pharaoh. She is seen towering throughout the exterior walls in full pharaonic regalia - as a fierce yet gentle Goddess in her own right.

The more feminine temples of Egypt have marked the most beautiful, potent, and intoxicating spaces I have ever entered. Their warm embraces have taken me off planet, within deep caverns below the earth, and between the veils. I am forever changed.

The temple of Seti I


This was by far one of the most powerful temple complexes I have experienced so far. Upon entering, you find yourself standing small amidst massive columns on either side. As you walk through the columns, you then discover seven great rooms, each containing a unique gateway dedicated to one of the six major gods – Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amun-Ra, Ra-Horakhty and Ptah – and also to Seti I (1294–1279 BC) himself.

It wasn’t until I entered the room of Isis that I felt a massive wave wash over me. Sterling also felt it, and we sat in complete awe and stillness, receiving what I can only now decipher as downloads, as my mind and dreams have been flooded since then. I often feel energies, but this was very different. I also had a similar experience when standing in the heart of the Temple of Isis, on Philae, and it was happening again, only stronger.

We were told that this particular temple has strong extraterrestrial ties, powerful ley line vortices, and subterranean rooms and levels that have yet to be unearthed. I kept visualizing these great doorways opening up into another space beyond and saw a number of light beams shooting directly into the ground in certain areas. When you stood on various points along the floor, it often felt like you were moving down an elevator shaft, triggering that wobbly leg sensation as gravity shifts beneath you.

We chatted with a local archeologist who was also working on site, and he mentioned that this particular temple is the most pristine and detailed complex in all of Egypt. The relief carvings were still very bright and colourful in a lot of areas, with powerful motifs and symbols. It also seemed very different from the other pharaonic temples, even though this was built by Seti 1 - I felt it acted more as a living library and direct gateway to the gods and cosmos. Outside, we were shown a glimpse of another subterranean complex that was being excavated, and there were long columns of water and pillars moving deep into the earth beneath the temple. I can only imagine what else is down there. 🖤

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Stay tuned for the rest of my Egypt adventure